Friday, January 9, 2015

Drudgery, Craft, and Calling

It has been awhile since I blogged. Holidays and settling back into the daily grind have taken a priority. Now I have the time to collect my thoughts as I turn my attention to this upcoming year for the Steel Pan Collective.

I am very excited about the future prospects of the organization. It is a solid organization with a great board and good leadership. As for the Pan People Music Festival, I think we'll easily pull that off this year unless no one decides to come. I doubt that will happen though.

One thing I learned during the holidays is how each of us gets motivated. I was reading a book called the Highly Sensitive Person at Work. It describes several different types of jobs - Drudgery, Craft, and Calling. Drudgery are those jobs we have to do. Those are the ones where our heart and our head are not into it. We've all done those - some of us are working those now. Craft jobs are those jobs are those where either our heart OR our head is into it. It is never both. It is one or the other. Calling is that job where both our heart AND head are very much into what we are doing.

As I think about our organization and the volunteers who make up the organization. We are definitely working our calling. And for those of us who play steel pan - it is very much a calling for us. We approach the work with both our heart and head.

So as 2015 gets underway, having that Calling feeling will certainly continue to drive us forward.