Friday, July 31, 2015

SPC Logo and Brand

Between working on the new logo and finalizing some of the Pan People Music festival videos, we finally have time to jot down a couple of thoughts.

Working on those two things in particular has really helped us hone in on what we are about here at the organization. We learned that a logo is merely a symbol for our organization. We also learned a thing or two about branding. Branding is more of a longer term affair. The example that was pointed out to us was Nike. Everyone know the Nike swoosh. That logo is pretty recognizable. But did you know the company spends millions of dollars to publicize its brand? The goal is to get you to think about them when it is time for that next pair of athletic shoes. We want that for the SPC - not for athletic shoes but for steel pans and their community.

So we are working on that with the logo designers. While we don't plan to spend millions of dollars on building our brand, what monies we do have will be put to good use. Our brand is to make sure steel pan players in the U.S have a community resource they can call their own. That means providing the means to connect with each other, helping them find resources to learn more about what is going on with U.S. steel pan, and highlight our members' performances. That's what we are all about.

So when you see our logo on the new T-shirts, a brochure, or even an advertisement for future Pan People Music Festival, you know what that symbol represents.

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