Friday, July 17, 2015

Tying Up Loose Ends - And Now the Work Begins

The Pan Association at the 2015 Pan People Music Festival

Phew. It has been awhile since I've had time to jot down a few thoughts. Been busy tying up the 2015 Pan People Music Festival. It was a fun event and we are already thinking of ways to make 2016 even better.

1) We are finishing up the video(s) for the events. We hope to have one video showing highlights of the event and another showing off some of the performances. The bands did great if you missed it. You'll get a chance to see what I mean in a week or two. We'll post them up on the SPC You Tube channel and website.

2) We had a good number of folks attend this event roughly 200 throughout the day. Some came as far away as New Hampshire and Nebraska. The bulk came from all points in Colorado.

3) We are still hearing rave reviews on the food truck we had at the event - Stretch Comfort Food. They were so popular throughout the day, that they ran out of food. We were pretty happy for them.

4) We were selling copies of the Pan! Our Music Odyssey film at the event. The cost is $35 + S&H if you would like a copy. Looking at the bin next to my desk, I see we have six left. So hurry. Send me a note at if you would like a copy.

We have some of our members out and about at various festival around the country. We are hearing some great things about what they are doing. We had a couple at the Mannette festival and several will be at Pan Ramajay festival in Denver. You all make us proud!!!

As always, continue to have a great summer and stay tuned for more news.


P.S. Thanks to our contributors at the Pan People Music Festival. We have begun work on your gifts as we speak.

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